Are we there yet?

I am working everyday toward something. There is so much to learn, so much growing and possibility, sometimes I wonder if I will ever get there. I feel lucky to have found great teachers that helped me unravel the ball of thoughts in my head and realize that where I am is “there” in every moment. This is what is meant by it’s the journey, not the destination. The something I am working towards is my life. I am there.

This is a shout out to some of the thinkers/writers/teachers who I love, love, love!

Geneen Roth wrote about emotional eating before anyone (me) had thought of it!

Brene Brown kills it on vulnerability and shame and imperfection.

Brooke Castillo is the most brilliant teacher and thinker on creating the life you want, and maybe the most powerful lesson she offers is generosity.

Oprah . . . need I say more . . . I will: My mother’s generation had Queen for A Day where the housewife with the saddest story won prizes, usually home appliances—we got Oprah!

Elizabeth Gilbert brought Big Magic to my thinking when I needed it most.

Christine Arylo, the Fear Cleanse queen.

Kelly McGonigal can prove that “being good” is bad for you.

How lucky am I to be able to learn and grow and change!

You can too.

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