Why consider Intuitive Eating?

What does that even mean … to be an Intuitive Eater? And why would I want to be one? Before I tell you what Intuitive Eating is let me tell you what it’s not: it’s not a diet or exercise program, it’s not a prescribed way of eating, and it’s not for you if you…

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Who said you had to like it?


As I’ve mentioned (so many times), I live in NYC where it gets humid in the summer. I’m a West Coast girl so it can be 70 degrees out and, if it’s humid, I’m sweating. I don’t like it—being sweaty and sticky. I’ve also mentioned that I take a yoga class (see my post about doing…

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What will you do when you lose the weight?

Weight Loss

On a scale of 1 – 10—with 1 being hell no, and 10 being hell yes—how was today, were you living the life you imagine for yourself? Or are you, like a lot of people, waiting for something to change, waiting to lose the weight, so your life can begin? It sounds like this, when I lose this weight I’ll:…

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