Knowledge is not Knowing

The day I noticed that I wasn’t hungry but I was looking for something to eat was the day I got the knowledge that I was an emotional eater. Knowing what to do about it became my journey. Knowledge is critical, it’s the awareness. Knowing comes from practice, experimentation, and repetition. I wrote this in…

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Who said you had to like it?


As I’ve mentioned (so many times), I live in NYC where it gets humid in the summer. I’m a West Coast girl so it can be 70 degrees out and, if it’s humid, I’m sweating. I don’t like it—being sweaty and sticky. I’ve also mentioned that I take a yoga class (see my post about doing…

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Creating your reality


It’s easy to resist the idea that we create our own reality because if you accept the idea, then you are responsible for the life you’ve created. And if you wish your life were different, the ball is in your court to make it happen. You don’t get to attribute it to (blame) circumstances beyond your control, or deny that…

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