What Are You Hungry For?


Spoiler: It’s not food. 

You know what to do …  you know how to lose weight, you know what foods work and don’t work for your body, you know you need to be active. You know because you’ve done it over and over and over.  You eat healthy and exercise for a while, you lose weight and keep it off for awhile, you even believe you’ve figured it out, for awhile … And then you’re back to old habits, overeating and wondering how you got here … again.

Maybe it’ll be different if you find the right diet, a better job, love, good friends, a gym you’re not embarrassed to walk into, get out of debt and clean the house, it’ll be different. You think this has something to do with being weak or not having enough Willpower! You think you don’t have what it takes to stop overeating.

You think you’re the problem. But I think you’re trying to solve the wrong problem. The problem isn’t dieting or willpower, the problem is what’s  making you overeat.

Does any of this sound familiar:

You’re scrolling thru Facebook or Instagram, all those happy, beautiful, fulfilled people, and that leftover pasta starts calling you …
You’re eating popcorn and watching The Bachelor or Netflix by yourself, when you remember the chocolate cake or Twizzlers in the kitchen …
Your career is feeling like a job rather than a calling, and you notice your favorite thing to do is eat …
Your husband turns on the game and you go in the kitchen …
You’re single and everyone has someone except you, but you have your dog, a bottle of wine and too much cheese …

What just happened? It’s called Emotional Eating, you’re triggered by an emotion, maybe it’s stress, feeling alone, anger or sadness, maybe you’re confused or overwhelmed. Something inside you needs your attention, but that’s complicated, so instead of thinking about that you beat yourself up for overeating.

It’s become a habit, you don’t even know you do it, but it’s easier than dealing with the anger, or loneliness, or feeling like you can’t make your life what you want it to be.

That’s what this program is about, we’ll figure out what you’re truly hungry for and unhook it from food. When you recognize and understand what you’re doing—using food for comfort, or to avoid uncomfortable feelings and situations, then beating yourself up for it—you can stop overeating. And this STICKS!

I know because I’ve been where you are, I was an Emotional Eater. I know what it’s like to put your life on hold until you lose the weight.

As I learned new ways to manage the stress and disappointments that I was using food to hide from I began to lose weight naturally. Over the next few years I lost over 30 pounds and it’s stayed off for over 15 years.

If you’re ready to

  • stop using food as a distraction from your emotions
  • get back to your natural body weight
  • eat without guilt
  • stop hating on yourself
  • find out what you’re truly hungry for
Oh, but wait, maybe not, maybe now isn’t a good time … because that’s what happens when you get all hopeful and imagine not having a weight problem for the rest of your life—the doubt and fear show up. You doubt you can do it, or you doubt this program can really work.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you I’ll share tips to help you avoid the obstacles, and skills to manage them when they do show up (and they always do!).

This 12-week one-on-one coaching program includes:

  • Identifying your triggers (are you a stress eater, bored, afraid of failure?)
  • Learning to manage the emotions that you hide from
  • How to recognize negative self-talk and how to change it
  • Discovering new habits to replace eating
  • Relearning what physical hunger feels like
  • How to listen to your body and know what it needs
  • Making peace with the scale
  • Homework and exercises (not physical) to deepen the work
  • An appreciation for your body and all it does for you
  • Email support between sessions
  • 90 days free follow-up email support

We’ll have a 1 hour weekly call, a dedicated time for you to explore your relationship with food in a safe, supportive space. Each week I’ll share information and tips to build a strong foundation for unhooking yourself from your food habit.

I’ll be there by your side with exercises designed to get you in touch with your body and your hunger. I’ll be your partner as you learn what makes you feel whole and you begin to let go of your need to eat when you’re not hungry.

I am available to you by email between sessions for support, love, a new perspective, maybe a laugh! (The Mayo Clinic says laughing can activate organs that cause endorphins to be released from your brain and relieve stress, I’m in!)

What makes this work different: once you understand why* you overeat, and learn how to manage those thoughts and emotions, you will have done what it takes to END your struggle with weight and dieting, for good!

Have you taken the quiz? If not take it now, then schedule a free mini-session to learn more!

*Knowing your “why” is the difference between success and quitting!