Intuitive Eating: How you think can change the way you eat

Which sounds harder: changing your thoughts or changing the way you eat? Diets ask you to change the way you eat. Intuitive Eating asks you to look at your thoughts and change the ones that aren’t working for you.

Based on the number of people who diet each year it appears most of us think it’s easier to change the way we eat than to change the way we think.

This is the thinking: diets obviously work — if I stick to them the weight comes off — so if I’m still struggling with overeating there must be something wrong with me.

I used to think I was destined to be overweight. It runs in the family I would tell myself. I was sure “my problem” was that I lacked the willpower to stay on a diet, or, if I did manage to get the weight off, I wasn’t disciplined enough to keep it off.

You see what’s happening here? I blame myself for not keeping the weight off.

But since research tells us that diets don’t work—the majority of dieters regain their weight within 2 years—maybe it’s time to reconsider how we’re thinking.

Switch it around: I diet over and over again, I lose weight each time, and each time I gain it back, sometimes even more. Maybe there’s another way to deal with food and overeating.

That little shift is all it takes. That willingness to consider the idea that there’s another way  is the first step toward Intuitive Eating. (If you’re not sure what it means to be an Intuitive Eater you can find more info here.) Our thoughts are powerful, if you want to change your results you need to change your thoughts.

In order to change, you have to think greater than your present reality, you have to dream beyond the familiar feelings you’ve memorized that contribute to your identity-self …” —Joe Dispenza

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