Success is what you THINK of it

Every now and again I find it really useful to think about what Success means to me. It began when I first had the thought, in my early 30s, that my life was not what I thought it would be—I had moved to New York City with thoughts of living large (it was the 90s) and it wasn’t happening—I wasn’t rich, or married, or the boss, or skinny, or even divorced, I didn’t have a box of fine jewelry that I needed to keep in a safe, or drive a Mercedes, I didn’t even have a car anymore!

My first thought was I am a loser (no kidding!) but then (thank the Lord!) I had this thought: maybe it was my idea of success that was the problem, not my life. I had made a big move from Los Angeles to New York City and I was having a huge life experience, everything about my life was a challenge. I was living out of my comfort zone successfully. Pat on the back!

You are writing this story, don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts on how it unfolds. With that one thought: that it was my idea of success that was the problem, not my life, I changed from a loser to someone living an adventurous life!

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