To Diet or Not to Diet?

Food, can’t live without it … want to stop obsessing about it? Are you sure? I’ve come to believe part of the appeal of diets is they offer an excuse for thinking about food all the time: Have I eaten all my points? Did I get a high enough % of dietary fat to reach Ketosis? I’m…

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If diets don’t work what does?


I swore off dieting years before I took a job at a women’s health magazine. Somehow I had equated a health magazine with healthy living, not dieting. Issue after issue we promoted the next new diet:  Flatten Your Belly in 7 Days; Shrink Your Fat Zones; Lose 15 Pounds and 10 Inches This Month; Drop One Size in…

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How many times does it take to change?

If you’re anything like me you’ve been sure that this time is the time you will ‘do it’—whatever ‘it’ is—but it isn’t. I could see the pattern: go on a diet, gain the weight back; start an exercise routine, let it go; decide to go for a better job, stay where I was; break up with my…

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