Coaching with Donna

Donna was my life coach and I could not have made it through a major career change without her. I was stuck in a job I hated, wearing golden handcuffs, and paying college tuition bills with no end in sight. I had an inkling of what I really wanted to do but no roadmap. Donna’s intelligent insight helped me both create a roadmap and stay on course. I am forever grateful and finally love my job. —Amy, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley, NYC


Working with Donna has been eye opening. Seeing myself more clearly along with my actions and the outcomes they provide. I find myself feeling more hopeful as well as more confident that I can make good choices or at least be aware I am making choices rather then just being a player in my play.

Donna’s warm and direct communication is comforting but not leading, she allows me to take the conversation where I need to with out an agenda, but what feels to me like a clearer idea of what is happening emotionally and physically in my world.

Having Donna beside me in this journey is life changing and I hope everyone takes the opportunity offered to them by working with her.  —Julie L., UX Designer, Philadelphia


I don’t know where my life would be today if I had never met Donna. I started seeing her for my food issues; I could not commit to lose weight or work out.

We got to some underlying issues about my childhood, but when we got to my marriage I closed up. Donna’s coaching woke me up to take an honest look at my life and take action that supported my well-being. As a result of this work I lost 30 pounds.

Today I’m in a loving and committed relationship, and I’ve managed to keep the weight off. I have Donna to thank. She’s amazing! —Jean, Realtor, Westchester County, NY


Thank you so much, Donna for helping me understand my patterns and choices and learn new ways of eating and thinking about food. I am grateful for your kind, thoughtful feedback. Thank you for your unfailing confidence in my ability to navigate my life and for your gentle reminders to practice loving self care. Thank you for your wise, inspirational, sometimes funny followup “thoughts during your morning walks.”   Thank you for helping me find CLARITY! —Anonymous, Southern California


Donna is a great coach! She has the ability to ask questions that go deep, that really get to the crux of the matter. I know that I am a better person, and a better coach, because of her coaching me. —Janette, Life Coach, Australia