To Diet or Not to Diet?

Food, can’t live without it … want to stop obsessing about it?

Are you sure? I’ve come to believe part of the appeal of diets is they offer an excuse for thinking about food all the time:

Have I eaten all my points?

Did I get a high enough % of dietary fat to reach Ketosis?

I’m not eating dairy but I can have bacon.

I’ll have chicken breast because it’s zero points.

I can have dessert because I had chicken breast.

I’m not eating after 6 then I’ll have a big breakfast.

You get the idea …

In the course of a week I had 3 different people share their latest eating strategies with me. It’s a side effect of being an Intuitive Eating coach, people feel a need to justify what they’re eating and why. I used to offer my thoughts on IE but I’ve come to understand they’re not interested. They say they are, they ask questions, and then they tell me why their way works better, or that they know I’m “right” but they need to get some weight off first.

At dinner a friend suggested we get asparagus fries to start and in the next breath said she was ordering the chicken breast because it’s zero points.

There is so much math and calculation going on when we diet, whether it’s about points, or ketosis, or if it could have been hunted or gathered, etc, when it comes to food choices for dieters. It is a great distraction from other things like:

Am I hungry? What do I feel like eating?

Why am I still eating, or eating again?

What just happened that made me down that bag of chips?

When you’re counting and calculating you are one step removed from your body. You’re adhering to external guides rather than internal signals and feelings.

Tuning into your body can bring you closer to the emotions connected with food, and tuning into your emotions can help you connect to what happens physically when you’re stressed. The simple act of becoming aware of your behaviors and reactions is the beginning of changing them.

If you’re sure you’d like to stop obsessing about food and get connected to your body get in touch to  there’s a whole world of possibility available beyond diets.

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