Happiness is a state of mind

Have you ever noticed yourself thinking: I will be happy when . . .
I lose weight / Find the right man / Make more money / (fill in your blank).

We have this idea that when we “get” what we want everything will be different, what we don’t realize is we are waiting to live our lives!

And if you are anything like I used to be, you get that external thing—you lose the weight or meet someone fantastic—and you are still looking for that happiness. Which makes it all the worse because it is so obvious the solution wasn’t the “thing”, and now what do you do? Now where do you look for your peace?

We think it is easier to look outside but think about how much time and energy you put into just thinking about your weight, or exercise, or meeting someone, or finding a new job. And then there is the time doing it.

If you put that much time and energy into getting to know yourself you would have the tools and knowledge to create your own happiness and you would have it forever, no one could take it away from you because happiness is an inside job. It’s a simple truth that most of us come to accept after we have exhausted all the external options.

When you look outside for your happiness you give your power away. Take it back.

The mind is a powerful thing, your state of mind is yours to choose.


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